APC Fabrics | Our Story

APC Fabrics, most commonly known as "APC", is a retail & wholesale online fabric store based in Los Angeles, California. 

APC first launched as a brick & mortar store, and after a year, launched their online sector in 2014. Demand and love from customers for APC grew at a rapid rate which ultimately lead them to pull their brick & mortar to the side and go full force into their Etsy shop, as well as their own website.
With a focus so simple: Find and distribute fabrics of the HIGHEST QUALITY at the most AFFORDABLE price. In addition, they strive for ENVIRONMENTAL CONCIOUSNESS in an ultimate effort to fulfill the needs of those that help make APC, APC.

The shop continues to expand, and additional fabrics are brought in every day to create even more of a selection of shoppers. Now a prominent force in the industry, APC is the 2nd largest US seller of eco-friendly fabrics on Etsy and is on track to be one of the leading fabric distributors of knit & woven fabrics.

All the fabric that is listed is one of a kind and not available elsewhere because with them, QUALITY, COLOR, and the way its MADE matters.
Most importantly, what separates APC Fabrics from the competition is the commitment they have to an unsurpassed level of customer service. You will see it in the feedback, hear it in their e-mails, and know that no matter what, APC will take care of YOU.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Welcome to APC!