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Mystery Box — Woven Fabric Bundle

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If you're here, you stumbled upon our Mystery Box. This particular box is tailored towards woven fabrics only. You can choose how many pieces you want and the number of yards you would like in each piece. This is a cost effective option for those who are open-minded with the fabrics they sew with as long as the fabrics are woven!

If you have a specific preference, please make a note at checkout or contact us and we will do our best to accommodate them.

These preferences could include:

— Print, Solid or Jacquard?
— Specific fiber preference?
— Specific color preference?

If you are unfamiliar with APC Fabric's reputation, its important to note that we are well known to typically carry sustainable & high quality fabrics
Our collection of fabrics mainly consists of the following:

— Cotton fabrics
— Modal fabrics
— Linen fabrics
— Tencel fabrics & more