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Mystery Box — Eco-friendly Fabric Bundle

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If you're here, you stumbled upon our Mystery Box. This particular box is tailored towards  eco-friendly fabrics only. You can choose how many pieces you want and the number of yards you would like in each piece. This is a cost effective option for those who are open-minded with the fabrics they sew with as long as the fabrics are eco-friendly!

If you have a specific preference, please make a note at checkout or contact us and we will do our best to accommodate them.

These preferences could include:

— Print, Solid or Jacquard?
— Specific fiber preference?
— Specific color preference?

If you are unfamiliar with APC Fabric's reputation, its important to note that we are well known to typically carry sustainable & high quality fabrics
Our collection of fabrics mainly consists of the following:

— Cotton fabrics
— Modal fabrics
— Linen fabrics
— Tencel fabrics & more